January 5, 2012

How To: Make a Pillow from a T-Shirt

Posted by Laura

First I want to mention a few fun things that are happening around here...
1. This is PEC's 100th post! Whoohoo! We are beyond excited about how PEC has taken form over the last 6 months. Can't wait for our 200th post!
2. We were recently featured on a local insurance agency's social networking blog (www.insurance-boss.com) with a roasted chicken recipe (see it here). We are going to do frequent guest posts over there.
3. We were picked up by Local Greenie ('a guide to organizations in the Pioneer Valley, Hudson Valley and New York City that are actively contributing to a better world') and will be featured in their newsreel with live blog posts. Yay!
Now onto a little DIY project for these cold days ahead of us - sewing pillows out of t-shirts. This idea was born in my kitchen when my brother-in-law Seth was over doing laundry. He pulled the t-shirt [below] out of the dryer and sighed about not being able to wear it due to the fact that it just didn't fit right. The specific details about the shirt that he loved were the material (a light-weight, soft cotton), the inside label, the artwork on the front of it, and the little wasp print on the backside. So, I decided to take his beloved t-shirt and turn it into a pillow for his new apartment (with his permission, of course).

Step 1. Make it a sleeveless (my husband's dream-come-true).

Step 2. Cut around the seam so that you have both sides of the shirt, separated.

Step 3. Using your rotary tool (or your naked eye if you're brave enough), cut a square or rectangle to the desired size.

Step 4. Repeat for the backside

Step 5. Sew wrong sides of the fabric together, stitching around 80 percent of the perimeter. Turn right-side out and stuff the shell with pillow stuffing (kinda of like what we did for the rice bag). Once stuffed, close up the hole with your sewing machine.

There ya have it!

I made the wasp into a little tag

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