June 15, 2011

Well Hello World...

Posted by Kristin and Laura

So here were are....after many months of brainstorming, writing and editing (and editing....and editing), and marathon graphic design sessions, we have arrived!  A big hello to new readers and a "yes...its finally here" welcome to our faithful friends and family. An especially big pat on the back goes out to our family members who would put their day on hold to answer our unending phone calls and emails in the midst of our frequent marathon sessions (you know who you are). Thanks for reading our first official blog post.....now just make sure you come back now, ya hear?

It all started here...


  1. Wonderful idea from two very talented young ladies! Can't wait to see more creative ideas! :)

  2. WOW... You ladies did an awesome job. I see two very talented women whom I have no doubt will be the most successful designers ever...God has blessed you both with wonderful talent and it's great to see his wonders through you both.

  3. How AWESOME!! Love your blog..i finally have another blog to check out! SO excited for you Kristen! Love the name too! You are both so creative. I will surely come back to visit your blog soon! Hugs to you, Kerri
    p.s. check out my blog too..i need to update it soon. www.lilsebastiankaine.blogspot.com

    also check out shabbyblogs.com for some freebies

  4. oops! meant "Kristin" so sorry for the wrong spelling..LOL ;)