June 26, 2011

So What's This Farm Share Thing Anyways.....

Posted by Kristin

Laura mentioned last week how she snagged some hukurei turnips at the farm share. You'll probably be hearing quite a bit in the coming months about our farm share (we both signed up for one this season) so we wanted to make a proper introduction between you and it.

The home of our lovely farm share

Farm Shares, or CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), are cropping (heh heh) up all over these days and for good reason.  For a seasonal fee, you get weekly shares of fresh, local, and often organically grown fruits, vegetables, and sometimes even meat and dairy products. Its also nice to know that each time you pick up your farm share you are supporting not only a local business, but a much needed business that is a tough venture to take on- farming!  

Once a week, I make the trip to Mountain View Farm with my friend Jennifer to pick up our shares. We opted to split a full share since trying to eat one full share between my husband and I would have veggies growing out of ears.

Mt. Tom looms over the farm, hence the name.

After we grab the pre-picked crops (lettuce, squash, swiss chard, beets...so many delicous choices), we head out to pick the field crops. This week we got to pick these green babies:

And these yummy snackers:

Its like hunting for gold in the you-pick areas:

And these sweet yellow signs tell you where to go:

Then I head off with your bags of fresh food knowing where it came from and how it was grown. 
Bon Appetit!

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