June 15, 2011

Surprise! Your Space Has Been Replaced

Posted by Kristin and Laura

(or...here's what happens when you leave town and let your friends house-sit)

For our friend Jennifer's birthday, we decided to surprise her with an office makeover. Something you need to know about Jennifer: she's a writer and is in need of a dedicated office. However, this need has been pushed aside due to her and her husband renovating their 1970's ranch. You can imagine that trying to find a peaceful place to write not covered in dry wall dust (and her dog's hair) is pretty difficult.

We wanted to create that space for her so we decided to sneak in and get 'er done when she was out of town. Oh and by the way our budget was $100 (wham, bam, thank you mam!).

eight hours later...

 More details (and pictures) on the nitty gritty of how this transformation happened coming soon...

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  1. Wow! The office project looks great, ladies! The blog is beautiful,too!