July 4, 2011

Breaking New Grounds Review (Portsmouth, NH)

Posted by Laura

I spent last week on the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine with my family as an extension of my parents' 40th wedding anniversary celebration. We traveled through many little coastal towns including Portsmouth, Kittery, Kennebunkport, Ogunquit and Freeport.

With 9 adults, 1 three year old and 2 nursing infants, we were constantly looking for places to touch down and take a rest. We found this great coffee shop in the midst of our shopping called Breaking New Grounds at 14 Market Square in Portsmouth, NH. It offered everything we needed - good/hearty coffee, free wifi, rich and homemade desserts, gelato, spacious tables (with optional outdoor seating) and a solid mission statement.

Anytime things like this are done to the coffee, it's an automatic "oo I love it"

We Make the Best Cup of Coffee Because...
-We start with the finest, hand selected, freshly roasted beans
-Our milk comes from Hatchland Dairy...a local NH Farm
-Hatchland's cows don't want or need growth hormones
-Taste is preserved by a very special pasteurization process

They score major points with their commitment to the environment with the way they handle their waste

Their gelato was great for the hot day that it was, but nothing to write home about (I will admit though that I'm comparing it to my gelato palate I developed during my trip to Italy 4 years ago).

The selection of baked goods was professional and perfect looking...full of rich flavor and sweetness

I know of one little guy that especially liked the chocolate chip cookies.
 Sawyer's love for life and people has taught me to do just that - love life and people more...

My nephew Sawyer

In the end, I give Breaking New Grounds a big thumbs up. They provided the perfect environment for us to rest and rejuvenate so we could get back to our touristy things like "supporting the economy".

Breaking New Grounds - Portsmouth, NH


  1. If I would have known that you were headed to Portsmouth I would have told you to seek out the greatest little side street fabric store ever! Tons of Amy Butler fabrics and some great buttons! - you would likely spend hours in there!

  2. Holly ChristmannJuly 7, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    As a member of your group (and toting one of the nursing infants) I found it to be a restful place to stop...and it had great pumpkin cheesecake. (Lauren – I think we saw the fabric store you mentioned and made a mental note to stop there but ran out of time. Probably best, as I might have had to check another bag on the flight home! :) )