July 10, 2011

A Cupcake Story

Posted by Laura

Last week, my friend Ashleigh ventured all the way out here (Massachusetts - home to her) from Indianapolis (new home to her) for a visit. Her mom, two sisters, our friend Sarah and I put together a little baby shower for her since she and her husband are expecting their first (it's a boy!). When it came time to divvy up the planning tasks, I volunteered to make the cupcakes ("eek, why did I just volunteer to do that, I've only ever used the boxed cake mix...will that be okay?").

Well, I figured I'd stick with what I knew best and move forward with the good 'ol boxed cake mix for the cupcakes. First, I asked Ashleigh "If you were a cupcake, what flavor would you be?" she replied with "chocolate with cream cheese frosting" ("sweet, totally do-able"). So, I chose a Betty Crocker cake mix. Then, I decided to put all my energy/creativity/thought into the frosting.  Since I've been on this whole grey, yellow and blueish kick lately, I decided to go with grey frosting, yellow accent decor and big fat pearly sprinkles on top.

Here's the cream cheese frosting recipe I used (gotta love Martha). I bought some Black Icing Color, Duff's Yellow Icing and a container of Blue Pearlized Sprinkles at Michael's.

All purchased at Michael's

I baked My wonderful husband baked the cupcakes according to the directions (tip: when making cupcakes for an event, make the cakey part a day or two ahead of time to help with time management the day of).

I then decided to make this a decorating party (it meant that or decorate them home, alone, and unable to spend more time with Ashleigh). First, we mixed the frosting.

Initially, it came out blue after adding black to the white frosting (figure that one out). Ashleigh had the idea to add a little bit of red to counteract the "blue" and it totally worked! Blue frosting was now GREY!

We packed the [now] grey frosting into a frosting bag thingy and swirled it up. We then added the yellow dollops and finished it off with a blue sprinkle on top. Here is some of the progress.

Jenna - vegan extraordinaire. She loves to bake and I keep
telling her she needs to open her own bakery someday.

I wish I could say this was my kitchen...actually I'll
stop talking so you DO think it's my kitchen.

Prego Ashleigh! And yes, I made her help decorate the cupcakes for
her own party.

After a few frosting mishaps (frosting kept jumping out of my bag and onto my clothes) we finally arrived at the finished product!

Here are a few more decorating highlights of the shower.

These are the napkins I turned into pillows for my living room

puff balls/pom poms added texture to the room

"how old is Ashleigh"

There was so much delicious food, mostly
homemade by Ashleigh's mom and sisters

Ashleigh's mom Martha, the wonderful and beautiful host

Me, Sarah, Ashleigh (and baby Murphy)

 In the end, the party was great fun and the cupcakes got some good lovin' too.

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