July 21, 2011

How To: Cut a Watermelon, Efficiently

Posted by Laura

To me, summertime means stuffing your face with as much watermelon as humanly possible. My husband happens to be an avid watermelon eater and has been known to eat an entire watermelon in one sitting. Therefore, it seems to disappear quickly around here so I feel like I am constantly cutting watermelon.

I just learned this efficient way to chop chop (note: you will need a very sharp knife to make this work). You may all be saying "yea Laura, this is so 2010", but to me it's new and I'm pretty excited about it.

1. Cut both ends off the watermelon and stand it up on one end.

2. "Shave" off the rind.

3. Chop into cubes and enjoy!

Ahhhh, I no longer sulk when I buy a watermelon. This method is so much better than the cut into triangles and slice the watermelon off each piece method. Enjoy!

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