July 18, 2011

Super Water: Re-use and Re-boost

Posted by Laura

Super Water is what I like to call the water that is left over from steaming vegetables. I posted about it here, back at my original blog. This water is full of amazing nutrients and is packed with wonderfulness.

I have discovered two ways of extracting this water. One is to take it from the bottom of the pot after steaming vegetables. This water is great for watering plants. After my original post, my mother said "if it boosts your plants, think of how good it is for your body". Thanks for the tip mom! Since that revelation, I've been saving the water (by freezing it in mason jars - no BPA here) and using it as a starter to chicken soup instead of plain old water.
Squash and Zucchini from the farm share

Another way of getting super water is by collecting it from the bottom of the salad spinner. I wouldn't use this for anything food related because it has lovely farm dirt in it, but definitely for watering my plants.
Salad from the farm share: fresh and chemical-free

Here's the same plant from the original post. It's desperately trying to escape through the window and go play with it's plant friends outside. Sorry plant, I need you inside to be our companion.  :)

Do you have methods of retrieving super water and ways to use it? We'd love to hear about your experiences.


  1. Jenni ArchambaultJuly 18, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    What a great idea!!! I never thought of using the left over water for anything. I'm definitely trying this the next time I cook dinner!

  2. ME toooo...that is amazing! Can't wait to see how good my plants grow =)

  3. Love this idea and also use any leftover water from your plastic water bottles to water your plants instead of tossing down the sink.