July 30, 2011


Posted by Laura and Kristin

Today...Is the day before Kristin's birthday

Today...Laura made Kristin a birthday breakfast

Today...We made a facebook page

Today...We "PEC'ed"

homemade zucchini bread

pepper, onion and cheese frittata

Kristin's birthday present - beer bread recipe with all necessary ingredients plus some
(thank you, Alissa, for the recipe)

"PECing" with coffee and music

self portrait


  1. Mmmm! We experimented with a loaf of homemade zucchini bread and made french toast this morning. I don't recommend it... Hope you enjoy the beer bread! I'm going to check out the FB page now!

  2. Your baby (PEC) is gorgeous. Happy baking, breakfasting, and birthday-ing!