August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us

Posted by Laura

Remember two weeks ago when I made a birthday breakfast for Kristin? Well, this week our husbands threw us a little joint birthday party (my birthday was last week) at Kristin and Mike's place before they pack up and move to their new apartment.  It was a grand ole evening full of Catch Phrase, cake eating and laughter.

Here's the beautiful cake that Caleb got us from Sunrise Bakery in Easthampton. Isn't it great?


Vanilla with chocolate mouse filling and buttercream frosting
Thanks Martha Izer for introducing us to this cake! Yuuuum

Cake batter pancakes made by Jennifer

Kristin with her cake cutting skills

The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. King
Look for a blog post on their handmade wedding in August
(the shin guards are for softball, not marriage)

Because sepia tone is fun.
Happy birthday to us!


  1. The cakeage was amazing! Also, you're all so smiley and cute, which just makes this all even better. (update: the shin guards left me bruise free!)

  2. I love Sunrise! They are my favorite bakery in the valley. Mmmmm yum!