August 1, 2011

Living Room Makeover

Posted by Laura

Here is the final reveal on my living room makeover/rearrangement.  First, I created a mood board to give myself a vision of what I was going for - color, styles, etc. I love the furniture I already have, so I found images that were pretty close and plugged them in. Here's what I came up with in Photoshop.

I already own the couch, chair and bookshelf (the images aren't exact, but similar)

Here are the befores...

After a little rearranging, pillow covering, rug buying, curtain hanging, and starburst making, here's what the end result looks like!

My favorite place in the room

I love this Amy Butler fabric


  1. Beautiful Laura! Looks great!!!

  2. Great job! Where did you get the Amy Butler fabric? I am in the process of doing the spare over and grey and yellow is the color scheme!

  3. baby! Yay for yellow and gray