August 11, 2011

Nursery Nesting With The Murphys

Posted by Laura

My friend Sarah and I had the privilege of being flown to Indianapolis this past weekend to visit our dear friend Ashleigh (remember her baby shower?) Ashleigh's husband is wonderful and amazing and wanted to bless her with a girls' weekend since they recently relocated from Charlotte, NC for his job. Moving to a new city is tough. Moving to a new city during a heatwave while 35 weeks pregnant is way tough. Despite that, Ashleigh has been dedicated to making their new home a place of rest and comfort. While we were there, we had the opportunity to help her complete their final room... the nursery.

First, a portrait of the very beautiful Ashleigh, 35 weeks pregnant with their first - a boy.

The Mr. and Mrs.

Here are the befores. Ashleigh had already been working hard putting things in the general vicinity. She just needed help with the final details.

And here are the afters! What I love about Ashleigh's style is that she always keeps things simple, clean and airy. This nursery represents her well.

clean. simple. sweet.

Every nursery needs a big comfy chair 

The frame above the dresser is a linen pin/cork board that will someday soon
be loaded up with pictures and love notes to baby Murphy

Handmade quilt with sweet little
animals, made by Ashleigh's mom

Shelves make everything better

I love baskets full of linens 

Ashleigh made these sweet little hanging mirrors
with a little glue and ribbon

Branches from the neighborhood

Paintings of the pups, Sasha and Nala, to keep
baby Murphy company

Handmade quilt by our friend Ellen

The one thing we did not do in the nursery was "put a bird on it". Now don't get me wrong I love this wave of little birdies on things, but this video is way too funny not to post. Thank you Portlandia!


  1. I LOVE my baby's room and could not have done it without Laura and Sarah!!! I especially love that so many hands have contributed to making his space so cozy - from helping me put clothes away to making quilts! Baby is loved by so many people already. Now he just needs to get here!! So put a bird on it, but my baby's room is so cool it doesn't even need a bird!

  2. I love my grandson's room! It is peaceful and personal - I am sure he will be a happy and content baby in these surroundings! I can't wait to rock him in that soft rocker! Great job, girls!
    Becky Murphy