August 9, 2011

Pintrest Love and Other News

Posted by Kristin

As I'm sure many of you know by now, there is a fabulous (somewhat new) website out there consuming most of my free moments these days: Pintrest.

Its a visual candy store of ideas for decorating, food, crafts, fashion, name it.  You have to request an invite to create an account but once you do that, the world of Pintrest welcomes you in with open arms and oodles of yummy photos. To help you organize your visual chaos, you can make idea boards of whatever topic you choose and "pin" whatever photos you wish to that board. I have a kitchen board, a garden design board, a food board, and so many more.

And one reason in particular that I've been so into Pintrest lately is that it's been helping me catalogue my ideas for.......(drumroll please) our new apartment!

Yes, we're moving (although half of you probably know this by now) across the river to South Hadley and my mind has been run amok by visions of rainbow-hued paint samples, cushy new bathroom rugs, poppy new living room art, and even thoughts of making my own kitchen island. 

One of the main rooms I've thought about bringing more color  into is my living room (FYI- the fact that we're moving has forced me to finally take house tour photos so those will be up soon enough, don't worry!). We won't be getting any major new furniture but I am open to trying out new curtains, pillows, rugs, art, and even painting some existing furniture.  So let the idea sharing begin...

Here's what I've been digging lately on Pintrest:

I love the muted colors of this leaf pattern. Soft but still colorful. And it would work for any season.

I really like the different textures and colors in this living room. And the unexpected antlers don't hurt either.

Next up, this teal door just welcomes you right in and that killer starburst mirror adds a bit of glam to a more country-ish space.

Then there's this modern, clean lined living room that is soothing in how light and airy it is. I also like how there are subtle pops of color on the wall with the picture frames and how the grouping of 3 light fixtures acts as a nice focal point.

This living caught my eye a while ago and I stumbled upon the photo again recently. I love the contrast of the white plastic rocker next to the chunky wood side table. I also love the vintage-chicness of the floral fabrics and that fat tufted ottoman just calls out to my feet!

And finally, I've been mulling over the idea of vintage arm chairs lately. I like the clean lines of this wooden one and the subtle hints of orange throughout the room.

Now soon enough I will take all of these pictures and more from Pintrest and create some kind of a mood board. But for now I'm still in the idea gathering phase. Are any of you struggling to cope with your addiction to Pintrest? What helps you decide on a color scheme for a room? Would love to hear ideas....more on the new apartment to come!

PS, our pinterest pages can be found here and here.


  1. If you haven't already discovered it, check out the blog "Small Space Style."....great ideas for apartment dwellers! -Amie Summers (friend of Laura's :))

  2. I love the way how the living room on the 3rd picture was designed. It's spacious and very soothing to the eyes. The colors complement well with the decors and other furniture.