September 17, 2011

A&A Details

Posted by Laura

Remember Aaron and Amanda's wedding? It was perfectly located in the mountains of Massachusetts on a warm August day. Aaron and Amanda put so much work into the details and planning, and it definitely paid off because their wedding was exquisite. Their diligence and patience during the process is a reflection in the type of marriage they will have.  Aaron is a visionary, an executor of ideas, a leader. Amanda is a do-er, diligent, patient and kind, and has a deep imagination.

I had the honor of helping them with some of the handmade details of their amazing wedding. One of the projects that Amanda and I shared was to make these A&A signs.

Back in May, we went to the Brimfield Antique show and Amanda spotted a box full of these little metal letters. We sat on the booth's dirt floor for about 15 minutes picking out the perfect ones. Amanda even talked the guy down in cost, making them impossible to pass up. Then, we walked out of the booth and got attacked by a bear, sort of.


Anyway, after purchasing five sets of A&As, we brainstormed on what to do with them. We decided to loot our friends' backyard/woods (thank you McCullahs, by the way) and found four fabulous pieces of dirty old wood. I took the project over from there, lightening her "to-do" list.

After I cleaned the pieces of wood with hot water in the bathtub and let them dry in the sun, I decorated them individually, each with an A&A.

There was still one set of A&A's left. Amanda had an old wood frame lying around, so I turned it into my special little project, as a surprise.

First, I printed out a photo of them that our friend Dave took. I then cut out a piece of bright white card stock, slightly bigger than the picture, and sewed it to a piece of fabric. I secured the photo to the card stock with a glue stick.

Did you know you can sew paper? Just make sure
the tension on your sewing machine is loose.

I then hand-stitched the word LOVE onto the fabric. I lightly wrote it out with pen first, then traced it with the needle and thread.

Finally, I painted the frame white (leaving small details of the rustic wood) and nailed in the A&A.

Amanda and Aaron, thank you for letting me be a part of the planning. You will be intensely missed in Western Mass - Boston doesn't deserve you. xo

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  1. It WAS exquisite! Everything simply beautiful. Great Job!