September 15, 2011

How To: Make a Pillow out of a Placemat

Posted by Laura

Featured on Mass Appeal

Back when we took over Jennifer's office, one of our projects was to make a pillow for her desk chair. Since we clearly love making pillows out of kitchen items (demonstrated here and here) it only made sense to transform a $4 placemat [from Target] into a pillow. So, take a journey with us as we demonstrate how to transform something from flat to phat. <------ yup, I really just said that.

Double Sided Placemat
Pillow Stuffing
Seam Ripper

Step 1. Rip the seam of the placemat, approximately half way down 1 side. I've made a silly little diagram for you.

Step 2. Fill the placemat with pillow stuffing, as full or light as you want (but we suggest full). Pull the stuffing apart as much as possible before filling it to ensure a lumpy-less pillow.

Step 3. Hand stitch the open seam. We recommend sewing a slip stitch.


  1. Kristin & Laura,

    I LOVE your blog! I can't wait to try your pillow out of placemats project :-) Congrats on being on TV, you both look great!

    Miss you Kristin!

  2. Love your idea for pillows! I have a great room where I can make pillows for the sofas in the living area that will coordinate with the placemats in the dining area! My dining placemats are two sided and black, with country stars on one side and a windowpane plaid on the back. If I buy a few more of them I can make them match or coordinate with dining room! What a wonderful idea! Thank you!

    Sue from Smithville

  3. I am totally going to make these for my new living room!! And I may call you for help Laura! :)