September 21, 2011

Mass Appeal Debut!

Posted by PEC

Guess what? We were on TV! We are now incredibly famous, at least in the eyes of our moms. How did this happen you might ask? About a month ago, The Great and Beautiful Elysia Rodriguez from 22News (who we met through our good friend Shane Symolon) sent us an email inviting us to be on Mass Appeal, our local morning show here in Western Massachusetts! Wait, what!? Be on TV!? We eagerly said yes (while reacting like The Wonders in the scene from That Thing You Do when they first hear themselves on the radio). The next thing we knew we received an email from Ashley Kohl, host/producer of Mass Appeal, inviting us to be on the show not once, but monthly! Wait, WHAT?! (this was followed by more silent jumping). Well, before we knew it we were in the studio filming our first segment.

We arrived around 2:30pm at the 22 News Studio in Chicopee with our arms full of props. We managed to snap this picture in the foyer before heading into the official studio.

This picture is almost dorkstamp worthy

We were greeted by Ashley and instantly put to ease. She is really sweet and fun and bubbly, and she made us feel right at home.

She led us into the studio. Wow. It was huge (although neither of us had really been in a tv studio before so we didn't know what to expect). We were met by Denise (?) who was also great and prepped us for the filming (i.e. put mics on us, told us where to stand, where to look, etc...). She snapped this picture of us on the set.

Then it came down to game time. Ashley walked us through the order of things, chatted for a few minutes, and then ROLL CAMERA!  Here's PEC in action.

Click here if video doesn't play: Perennials, Bread and Pillows!:

Laura: Ahhh I can't believe we're on TV! Kristin is definitely a natural at this. You'll notice how she gives the introduction on 'how we got started'...well, I was supposed to finish that up with a more detailed explanation of our blog. Did you hear me? Yea, neither did I because I totally froze and couldn't spit out the words. All I could do was sit there with that goofy smile on my face. Whoops!

Laura: I was originally introduced as Kristin. It happened for a brief moment so if you blinked, you missed it. haha

courtesy of wwlp

courtesy of wwlp
Kristin Thomas ??

courtesy of wwlp
That's more like it

Laura: When we rehearsed the pillow segment in my kitchen [to my dog Tillie], Kristin said [with a very serious face], "Laura and I like to change out pillows like we change our underwear". We busted out laughing from this and needed a few minutes to regain our composure. Well, you'll notice at minute 7:16 Kristin says, "Laura and I like to change out pillows, a lot" and there is a slight smile on both of our faces - reminiscing over that moment and trying not to laugh.

courtesy of wwlp

Kristin: Yes, I do have to admit my previous mention of underwear did cross my mind but I didn't feel the need to embarrass myself that much so I stuck with 'safer' words.  And hello serious face in the beginning! It wasn't until a good 15 seconds in that I actually started to smile. Next time I'll just slap a perma-grin on my face. And Laura's looking like she's working up some mischievous plot to throw bread dough in my face....hmmmmm...I may need to watch out for those evil eyes next time.

Oh those eyes look like they're planning trouble with a capital T...

Kristin: Oh and just to clarify for our readers, Laura does know that you cannot leave bread dough out on the counter for 7 days. She forget to mention the fridge part just suddenly "decided" mid-filming that she wanted to challenge me and see how well I remembered the recipe. Fortunately (thanks to common sense), I knew that the dough was meant to be in the fridge for up to 7 days not out on the counter (see the video, about 5 minutes in). Whew- passed that test! Fear not PEC followers- our goal is for you to eat and enjoy the bread, not have it come back up. Oh and last comment, I don't know what's up with the swanky music coming in half way through the plant segment- totally random!

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Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for our next segment due to air November 8th, 2011 at 11:00am on NBC in Western Mass!


  1. Yay! So fun. Y'all did great!

  2. I love that talking about shrubs makes the Big Band party start. And the rest of the segment, of course, but particularly the spontaneous celebration that breaks out for the scarlet oak leaves.