September 9, 2011

Seth's Fresh Salsa

Posted by Laura

Our labor day project: fresh salsa made with veggies from the farm. My brother-in-law, Seth, came by for a visit and we essentially spent the afternoon chopping away, developing and tweaking this recipe. Seth has a fantastic ability to cook from scratch, without a recipe, and develop dishes as he goes along. Caleb and I are always happy to be on the receiving end of Seth's culinary creations!

-4 Tomatoes
-2 Medium Green Bell Peppers
-1 Medium Sweet Pepper
-2 Hot Peppers
-1 Small Red Onion
-1 Small White Onion
-1 Lemon
-A Fistful of Fresh Cilantro
-A Few Shakes of Salt to Taste (about 1 tea.)
-A Dollop of White Vinegar (about 1 Tbsp.)

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Temperature: Up to you, anywhere from mild - hot
Makes about 1 1/2 Quarts

1. Chop into small pieces and combine the following: tomatoes, green bell peppers, sweet pepper, red onion & white onion. Cut lemon in half and squeeze over mixture. Add chopped cilantro, salt and white vinegar. Stir well.

2. Rib and de-seed the hot peppers (see below for instructions). This is where the spiciness factor comes in. The spicy part of the pepper is found in the ribs and seeds. If you want this salsa to be mild, use only the shells of the hot peppers. For medium, use the ribs and seeds from one pepper. For hot, use the ribs and seeds from both peppers. Puree 1 cup of mixture from step 1 and desired parts of hot peppers (we used the Magic Bullet) and stir back into original mixture - this way the spiciness is spread evenly through the salsa.

3. Refrigerate salsa for a couple of hours to "let the ingredients marry", as Seth says. Enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips, in an omelet, in homemade guacamole, in beans and rice, or any old way your little heart desires. The point is is that you enjoy it! mmmmm

How To: Rib and De-Seed a Pepper

This is my brother-in-law, Seth. He's amazing (but don't tell him I said that because it'll go to his head). He's going to demonstrate how to rib and de-seed a pepper.

Step 1: Cup around the top of the pepper with a paring knife and pull it off, setting it aside. This is where most of the seeds are.

Step 2: Cut the pepper into thick slices, around the ribs

Step 3: Slice the rib out.

I do not recommend cutting into the palm of your hand,
Seth is just fearless.

Repeat until you've worked all the way around the pepper and you've got slices that look like this. Now they're ready to chop or use however you want.

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  1. What a handsome guy! He can make me salsa anytime... Oh, he also gave some helpful hints in gutting a pepper.