September 1, 2011

Too Much Zucchini? Freeze It

Posted by Laura

As per usual, I feel like I've overdosed on zucchini when this time of year rolls around (and when I mean "this time of year", I mean the downward slope of summer when fruit starts to taste weird and you have to wear sweatshirts at night). I always get so excited in the beginning/middle of summer when zucchini is harvested because steamed zucchini and summer squash is one of my favorite side dishes, but as always my excitement wears off after eating it day in and day out - week after week. It's inevitable.

But alas! There is a way to preserve it and enjoy into the winter when these little green cylinders aren't as available. Freeze it! Then you can use it make this delicious zucchini bread.

Pre-shave it for the amount the recipe calls for

Freeze it in a freezer bag

Enjoy well into the winter months

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