September 3, 2011

What My Life Looks Like Lately

Posted by Kristin

You may remember back on this post that I mentioned Mike and I had moved into our new apartment. Well, we've moved alright but aside from some functional-only unpacking, we are playing hopscotch amongst boxes, rolled up rugs, random drawers of stuff, piles of empty name it (this also explains why I've been a bit absent from PEC lately). So come take a stroll through my world...

This is the kitchen viewed from the deck. The white cabinets to the left are the only ones in the kitchen so smart storage is a must.

Eventually that uuuugly island against the wall will be replaced by a custom one I plan to build with my dad. Think butcher block counter tops, white painted legs and shelves, and stainless steel accents.

The stove area is seriously lacking storage and style. It basically looks like a sore thumb sticking out of the rest of the room. But a $20 salvage cabinet will sneak in to the right of the stove and stainless steal Ikea shelves will sit above it so that should help bring some serious storage and style to this Plain Jane space.

So I totally broke the rules and didn't take before pictures (please forgive me) but the first thing I did before we even moved in was redo the cabinets and back-splash. The back-splash was a faux gold marble laminate that was circa-1979 and the cabinets were boring brown boxes. This gives you a sense of what I was working with.

Fortunately, the cabinets were solid wood so the painting went off without a hitch. I followed this helpful how-to post from Young House Love on painting cabinets and it was smooth sailing.  After getting through the nasty smell of oil-based primer (a requirement for painting wood cabinets) I just applied 2 coats of white latex paint and allowed 3 full days of dry time.

After some new stainless handles, these babies look as good as new. Next up was the back-splash and this one took a little research. After a few trips to Home Depot where I picked the brain of one super-talented HD paint lady, I walked away with Rustoleum's Laminate Counter Top Paint in a soft gray. I figured it would work just as well on the back-splash since it was laminate. The paint was very easy to apply but became tacky quickly, so a fast application was a must. 2 coats gave good coverage and so far its held up great.

One of my favorite parts of the kitchen is this vintage walk-in pantry. I love seeing all my jars and small appliances lined up waiting to be used to make yummy concoctions.

Just off the kitchen is the bedroom. Its small but cozy and has lots of potential.

Once you leave the kitchen you enter the dining room which looks about as chaotic as Charlie Sheen's life right now. One nice thing this room has, along with the rest of the apartment, is hardwood floors and original bulls-eye molding. Most of the rooms also have original plaster walls and 10' ceilings. Nice indeed.

Next up is the bathroom. The vanity counter top is the same faux-marble laminate as the kitchen back-splash but other than that, its fairly light and bright. I'm thinking about some new towels, a new shower curtain, and new bath mats in here. No more green and brown. I'm feeling more blue, grey, and cream right about now.

After exiting the loo and dining room, a huge hallway stretches out and leads down to a sun porch. Not sure what the plans are for this area but I could see some some seriously big art in the cavernous space.

Through the white door is this cute little sun porch. Mike's main priority for this space is to make it into a reading room of sorts. My priority is to make it look nice. One score already is totally-paintable hardwood floors underneath the carpet remnant. I forsee white painted floors in the very near future...

Off the hallway to the left is the living room, currently livable but not too purty.

But across from the couch is this awesome brick wall and molding combo- one of the features that really made me love this space.

From the living room you can view the office. Another space with good light and space- just in need of some serious organization and maybe some new design ideas?

So that's what my life looks like right now. Lots to unpack and plenty of new design ideas to uncover- all while working amongst bedrooms with only 1 outlet (and not even a 3 pronger at that!), doorknobs that fall off when you pull on them (I now know how to fix that by the way), pull cords that don't turn off lights, and numerous other oddities of living in old house. Let the adventures begin continue...

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