October 7, 2011

Winter Projects

Posted by Laura

With a chill in the air and smell of fire places burning, I can't help but think of the cold months ahead and ....jingle jingle....Christmas! Two years ago, my 3 brothers (along with 2 sisters-in-law), my husband and I decided that getting Christmas gifts for each of the siblings was overwhelming (at the time we had 7 adults in that category). So, we did what efficient people do best and drew names from hats; the guys in one hat and the gals in another. The spin on the gals? Handmade gifts only (or supplies to make handmade gifts). Now these didn't necessarily have to be handmade by us, just handmade in general (etsy = amazingness).

That was the moment I learned to sew. Winter of 2009.

Since then, I always start to get the itch right around now to nestle down in my sewing room and sew my little heart out. I was so glad to stumble across this magazine that Bonnie from Going Home to Roost put together for even more inspiration; Celebrate - A Winter Project Magazine. I hope you can read it, love it and be inspired by it.

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