November 20, 2011

brown paper packages tied up with strings...

Posted by Lauren

Note from Laura: PEC is happy to welcome Lauren from lcgray with her first (of many, hopefully) guest post. She is the mother of two, Julia and Charlie, and is bursting at the seams with creativity (by the way, is Charlie in a laundry basket the third picture down? HA!).

My parents used to wonder what was wrong with me on Christmas morning. I would sit around with packaging strewn all over the living room and a semi-scowl on my face. My family chalked it up to the fact that I probably didn't get what I asked for (yes, I was a high maintenance child). The reality was that I missed the pretty packages under the tree. I would just sit for hours before my family woke up and stare in wonder at the gifts lined up under the tree. Each of them lovingly wrapped (hurried, yes, but loving none-the-less) and intricately placed as if they were featured in a Macy's Christmas window display. There is such beauty in the anticipation of the holidays!

Though I am guilty of wrapping gifts 2 minutes before they are opened, I believe that there is a lost art of the intentionally wrapped gift...I also believe that there is a lost art of the handwritten note, but that's a whole other post. There is something special to a gift wrapped with love. It's like two gifts in one.

For those of you who believe that a beautifully wrapped gift entails lots of ribbon, pricey wrapping paper, and lots of time, these two simple examples might change your mind. Since I am a mother of 2 little ones, I typically have a "grown up" and "child" version to all aspects of my life. From clothing to food to crafting to cleaning, this is how I live. So here you go - one kid-friendly and one "I'd like to feel like an adult now" ways to present a gift.

Creative gift wrapping 101

child's version...inspired by my toddler who loves to create just as much as I do:

Start with a roll of paper and some paints - I found these at a child's consignment store way before my daughter could even hold a paint brush, but they were way to great of a deal to pass them up. They have definitely been well used!

Add an eager toddler to the mix.

Let her go to town painting as much or as little as she desires. And while you're at it, multitask to get some other things done (note my little one in the background hanging out with the laundry). Poor guy!

Let it dry and wrap it up!

How cute is that?

I told you that was easy. The hardest part is explaining to your 2 year old why her artwork is being ripped apart when it is time for the unwrapping. I think she got it after a few tears and a promise for more painting...

Grown-up version...inspired by our big storm:

With the wealth of logs we had after our oak went down, I had my personal lumberjack husband slice up a few slivers for some projects that I had brewing. I thought I would leave the chainsawing to him.  

I have about 20 different projects-to-be in my head. When I laid out these little discs for a photo shoot with my little one, I was inspired to drill some holes and make a button. (I wonder why?) :)

The wrapping is a paper bag. A button is a simple accessory to pull it all together.

The possibilities are endless. It is so much fun to come up with creative ways to present a gift. Often times, the cutest wrapping involves things that can be reused and recycled. 

Just don't regift. Apparently that's not good etiquette :)


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