November 18, 2011

How To: Make a Fall Planter

Posted by Kristin

Recently, I had to create a fall planter as part of a raffle gift I was donating to a local charity event.  My goal was pretty straightforward: I wanted it to feel 'fallish' yet be able to transition into the holidays, it needed to be large enough to work on someone's front stoop or their table, and it needed to be free!

First, I scoped out what I had for gardening pots. I came across this grey-green planter that was low enough to be used as a centerpiece if the raffle winner so desired. I also found a white hanging basket that I could used as a liner pot.  I trimmed it down so it would fit inside the pot and filled it with some old soil I had lying around.

A liner pot keeps things neat and tidy.

Once the liner pot is in and covered with foliage, you won't even see it.

Next, I took a stroll around my yard to see what greenery was out there. Now I may be  tough critic because of my profession, but I think most people would agree that my yard is not 'landscaped' per say. And yet I still managed to find a ton of great plant material to use.

Juniper works well to form the base of a centerpiece.

I'm not actually sure what these blue berries are but they looked interesting.

Oriental bittersweet. Word of advice- this plant is VERY
 invasive so please don't plant it! This one happened to be
 growing along the road, so I clipped some but was
 careful not to drop see pods on the ground.

Native grasses found along the roadside.

There were massive amounts of Oak leaves.

And lots of Red Maple leaves.

These technically were from my attic but I did find them outside at an earlier date.

Lots of Pine boughs were available from the recent October snowstorm.

After gathering all my supplies, I started playing around with filling the pot. First I built up the base with Pine and Juniper branches.

Then I filled in some gaps with leaves.

And here's how it turned out, after adding berries, grasses, and some curly branches I had on hand. The branches add height but will still allow people to see each other across the table.

I tied on one of my new business cards
(with my new website- details coming soon!) and called it good to go.

Then I saw that I still had alot of plant material left and it was starting to rain pretty hard at this point so I needed to get it cleaned up stat! So I grabbed a big, terra cotta pot from my front stoop and filled 'er up. Considering I threw it all together in about 5 minutes, I was pretty happy with how it came out.

So let this prove that a quick inventory of what you've got on hand, a short walk through your yard or the woods, and a little bit of creativity can all combine into something great! Happy Fall!

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