November 6, 2011

How To: Use the Bounty of Fall in Your Home (Create a Tablescape)

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When it comes to setting a table, we get all sorts of giddy. Especially when its 11 p.m. on a Saturday night. And a bottle of Moscato is involved. And one half of PEC tries to fit her entire body in a reusable grocery store bag (we'll see if we can sneak in pictures of that sometime).

It all started with using materials brought in from the outside, such as leaves, birch bark, and of course, our favorite, branches. Then we wanted to try out two different table setting options: Traditional and Non-Traditional. Think  of the traditional table setting as a classic black suit with black pumps and a crisp, white, collared shirt. Think of the non-traditional table setting as a classic black blazer with a bright turquoise tweed skirt, black knee high boots and a  fun and playful scarf that says, "Look at me daaaahling". Alright, enough fashion talk- let's talk tables.

Traditional Tablescape

Through careful selection of colors and textures, this
tablescape is unified without being overly coordinated.

This tablescape starts off with some very traditional fall elements: leaves, apples, and birch branches. Building off of a simple white tablecloth, a runner of white burlap adds texture without being too distracting from the other elements. The traditional items were layered on a dark wooden tray which pops when paired with the white linens. The leaves form a base to rustic, thick birch branches and apples were tucked in between the branches. Two white milk glass vases were turned into candle holders for white taper candles.

A simple wooden tray is layered with leaves, apples, birch branches and candles.

We added clear green glass plates and clear glass mason drinking jars, both a nice contrast to the texture of the other items while still adding hints of color. Red and white striped napkins top the green plates, both of which tie in with the green and red in the apples. Simple white bowls hold pressed leaves which have each guest's name written on them, a unique twist on a traditional placecard.  This is perfect table setting to welcomes guests to cozy fall dinner.

Green glass plates and mason drinking jars add a hint
 of color without being overwhelming, as a solid plate
may be. A red striped napkin picks up the colors of the
apples and leaves.

These leaves were gathered from out the back door and pressed in
between the pages of a magazine for a few days. Just scroll your guest's
name on the leaf with a sharpie and you've got a fun (and free) placecard.


Non-Traditional Tablescape

Now for all of you "livin on the edge type", we put together a tablescape with traditional(ish) items and non-traditional colors. After looking through pinterest and gathering lots of inspiration, we decided to go with a teal and white color scheme. We started with a white tablecloth (this way the eye is drawn immediately to the details on the table). For a runner, we bunched up a tan table cloth and a teal scarf from Kristin's closet (need inspiration? head to your closet). That set the stage for everything else...

It just so happens to match with Kristin's newly painted hutch. Post coming soon.

Twigs placed on a  white napkin, wrapped in twine.

Birch bark wrapped around teal glass bottle. This doubles
as a drinking glass and a placecard (torn paper adds texture).

White pumpkin embedded in a sea of branches.

These wooden platforms were cut from a log found during a hike.

Looking for inspiration to set your table this Thanksgiving?

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