November 28, 2011

Natural Cold Care

Posted by Kristin

Its that time of year again....eeek! Sniffles, achy muscles, and the scratchy, sore throat. If you haven't been plagued by the dreaded but steadfast winter cold yet, or if you have and you're trying to muddle your way through it, check out this fantastic post from Bonnie at Going Home To Roost.  For those that haven't been attacked by a bug yet, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. And for those that sympathy! Read this and you'll be feeling better in no time.

Check out Going Home To Roost's Winter Wellness Essentials.

I think my favorite recommendation is the Neti Pot. For those who haven't experienced it yet, its magical and yet really weird to use the first few times. Let's just say it was during a PEC planning session last winter that Laura first introduced me to a Neti Pot. And let's also say that its a good friend that stands by your side and watches all the goopy water run out of your nose, telling you "breathe out of your mouth, not your nose!" the whole time. Neti Pot + breathing through your nose = lots of salty water down your throat. Yuck!

It works, I swear!

Do you have any natural remedes to share?

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