November 14, 2011

Proof That I Know How to Make a Mess.....So Let's Organize

Posted by Kristin

I like a clean kitchen. It makes me as happy as a clam to walk out into the kitchen in the morning and see the dishes done, various things put away, and counter surfaces clean. Because I make a regular effort to keep it this way, I've heard on more than one occasion comments like, "Kristin, you're kitchen is never dirty!"or "You don't what the word mess means." However, a few months ago at our old apartment I obtained some hard, cold evidence that I sure know how to make a mess. I just always clean it up before most people see it. (P.S. Jennifer eat your heart out. I took these babies for you).  Case in point:

When counter space runs out, I pull up a chair and the floor apparently.

I think I was making 3 different recipes at this point.

Life with out a dishwasher is rough. 

And the laundry....oooh the laundry. Life is better now that coin-op is
out of the picture and we have our own washer and dryer!

And this is the result of me digging through the many
blades I have for my 1970's Cuisinart food processor
that still works like a charm. Chop baby chop.

So although its been proven that I definitely know how to make a mess, I also know that I can't leave a mess alone for very long. I really can't...I have to be called away by my husband to come eat dinner because I just keep doing dishes (and maybe occasionally breaking them too. I'll admit, I'm a bit clumsy). Enter Pinterest.  For those who get excited by label makers, alphabetizing, and neat stacks of items, get ready to do a happy dance. (All photos were found on Pinterest by searching under organizing).

Pinned Image
I have loads of jewelry so this made my heart go pitter patter.

I could use a better way to organize my jewelry
 Got some old kitchen handles? Put them to use!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Oh man, this one really speaks to "I hate under the
sink storage". Who would have thought a tension
rod could hold all your spray bottles?

Pinned Image
Clamps + mason jars + slab of wood = pretty and organized

Pinned Image
Lookin' good while workin' hard: vintage tins
hold utensil holders.

Pinned Image
Magazine holder turned canned goods organizer. Love it.

Pinned Image
And yet another use. Isn't it the small things that drive
you crazy? Crazy  no more , my friend.

Pinned Image
For all the bag ladies out there (Hey Laura, that's you).

Pinned Image
Pants hanger turned ribbon organizer.
Just pull and cut.

Pinned Image
No more cord chaos. Bread bag clips have a second life.

Pinned Image
I had to end this organizing eye candy feast with this. Its pretty sweet. 'Nuff said.

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