November 22, 2011

(Re)Creating a Moment

Posted by Laura

for a little sunshine as these days grow colder and darker

I mentioned over the summer that my family spent a week together celebrating my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. These get-togethers are rare since my family is separated by many thousands of miles, so we try to make 'em count (never a dull moment). We had a particularly fun and spontaneous moment after my Aunt Pam presented my mother with the original floral headpiece she had preserved from their wedding, seen in this photo here:

June 5, 1971
Mosquitoville, VT

One thing led to another and my mother ended up in her wedding dress (that she made by hand - 40 years ago!) with the headpiece and tissue paper as a veil. My brother is an amazing photographer (shameless plug, his name is Ian Christmann) and therefore we decided that it would be excellent to remake their wedding photo from above....on their front lawn...and then we got carried away...with new ideas for each picture. The pictures will tell the story...

The headpiece that started it all

Did I mention she made her wedding
dress, from scratch?

laughing tears


more laughing tears...


Ma and Pa sure is proud of them offspring

oh my...

My parents often wonder where we get our creativity from. I say, it's from them and the environment they have created for us growing up and as adults. Like I said, never a dull moment. Thank you mom and dad for the examples you've been to us. Happy 40th year.

in the words of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,
"Home is Whenever I'm With You"


  1. I'm so honored to have known your parents for much of those 40 years. It's so wonderful to see you, Laura, carrying on your mom's homesteading and home decorating ways.

    I had to laugh when I saw your blog with the "introduction" of Ball jars as snazzy drinking glasses. I remember the days when owning a whole set of matching store-bought glasses was on the "one of these days" list, and Ball jars got used for drinks, when they weren't filled w/ homemade applesauce or sourkraut! Very retro of you. : ) I loved seeing these pictures. Thanks. And yes, good job, Ian!

    1. I am honored to know them too :) I've learned a lot from my mom, and much of the content of this blog comes from the influence of her homesteading ways.

  2. Wow! You must have renewed your vows!! Congratulations! This must be your 40th wedding anniversary?

    1. Lani, the funny thing about this moment is that none of it was planned! It was a completely spontaneous. We were all hanging out at my parents' house, preparing for their anniversary party, and my Aunt Pam gave my mom her floral headpiece that she had preserved over the last 40 years. Mom then went and dug out her wedding dress to see if it still fit (which of course it did) and put it on. This of course led to the series of pictures :)