November 12, 2011

Squeaky Clean Stove Top (and other fun things)

Posted by Laura

Do you love to clean your stove top? HA! What kind of a question is that? I hate cleaning mine and always find excuses not to (the pictures below attest to my neglect). But alas! There is an easy way to clean your stove that takes very little time. With a little baking soda and elbow grease, your stove top can go from messy to besty...gross to glorious.... cold to gold (ok that might be an exaggeration).

The only things you need are baking soda, a little water and a sponge. Our stove top is porcelain enamel. Baking soda is abrasive enough to get the grit and grease off, but gentle enough to not scratch the surface. 

First, start of by pouring baking soda into a small bowl. I started with a few heaping spoonfuls.

Then, add water a tiny bit at a time (you'll be surprised how little you need) and mix with your finger until it creates a paste.

Now, plop some paste on the stove and scrub away!



getting closer to the squeak

expensive-chemically- filled-store-bought-cleaner, eat your heart out!

So there it is - easy, breezy, stove top cleaning. Tip: Baking soda paste also works great on counter top stains (like wine stains) and coffee-stained mugs. Speaking of stoves...have you seen the stove cameo in the beloved movie, Bridesmaids?

And speaking of Bridesmaids, last night we got together with our wonderful husbands and celebrated our 1 year PEC anniversary with the movie Bridesmaids and Chinese takeout. It was November 19th, 2010 that the idea of PEC was born. Kristin and I sat in my kitchen and dreamed about one day having a blog, and then decided "why not today!" The next few months was spent laying out the vision for PEC, developing content, taking pictures, designing the site, discussing our values, and communicating expectations of each other and ourselves.

Day 1: At Barnes & Noble brainstorming about the blog

many of our PEC meetings looked like this

We spent hours on the computer developing the site design. We took SO many pictures (like, hundreds) for our banner at the top of the page before landing on the perfects ones. Here are some of the runners up:




All in all, it has been a great year developing PEC! We have learned a lot about each other (like the fact that Kristin cannot function past 9:00pm, we both become loopy and goofy if we spend too much time on a project together, and we both over-communicate with each other...not a bad thing). One of the values we have is transparency and authenticity. We want to display not only our successes but our failures - in design, cooking, planting, and blogging. We are testing the waters of entrepreneurship as two friends and want do it the best we can. We already feel like the purpose of PEC is being fulfilled, which is to "see green grow, know the food we eat, and make the things we love". We are so excited about the adventures ahead of us as we continue on in the blogosphere...and who knows, maybe someday we'll have our own TV show and have guests like Rachael Ray and Nate Berkus will visit us.

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