December 14, 2011

How to Holidays: Cocktail Glass Votives

Posted by Kristin

Mission of Christmas 2010 (Mission 2010 from here on out): Make many of my Christmas gifts by hand on a budget. Specifically make some cute, personalized gifts for my friends.

Method of Mission 2010: Look for gift ideas on line. Review what materials I have on hand. Visit Goodwill for cheap materials. Try to make sense of a big pile of "stuff".

Result of Mission 2010: What I think turned out to be pretty cute, unique votive holders made out of small cocktail glasses, spray adhesive, fabric, glue, ribbon and sheet music.  Yup, I said sheet music.

Visual evidence of Mission 2010:

Version one, for my "S" friend

Version two, for my "H" friend

Mission 2010 Details:

1. Scope out the glassware shelves at Goodwill. Look for small, matching cocktail glasses that are large enough to hold a small candle or tea light. Do a happy dance when you score them for 25 cents a piece.

2. Figure out what colors and fabrics represent each of your friends. For example, my "S" friend likes a more feminine style so I used floral, green fabric layered over white tulle. Her husband is also a musician so I layered a strip of old sheet music over white linen. To put the final stamp on the votive, I cut out an "S" from the sheet music and placed it on the final strip of fabric. For my "H" friend, I knew she liked more subdued colors and natural materials, so brown ribbon, leaf-patterned fabric, and burlap seemed fitting for her.

That "H" used to belong to some cheesy, romantic ballad,
like "It Only Happens When I Dance with You" by Perry Como. 

3. Determine what order you want the various fabrics in and cut to size. Spray the votive with spray adhesive and wrap the first layer of fabric around the votive.  Continue with the next layer of fabric or other material, until all the layers are applied. Experience the annoying feeling of spray adhesive getting everywhere, like on your vintage, wooden dining room table, on your fingers, and in your hair as you try to get it out of your face. Kind of freak out when your fingers stick together and then realize you can slowly, gently pull them apart.

4. Once the fabric layers are applied with spray adhesive, finish it off with your letter of choice, light a candle inside and do another happy dance.  Vow to not make so many handmade gifts for Christmas 2011 because you totally over-committed yourself in 2010. In December 2011, realize that you've set out to make even more handmade gifts than in 2010. Hang your head in self-frustration. Do this for a minute and then get up and get moving because you have to keep making gifts.

This message will self destruct in seven seconds.

Just kidding.

The end.

I swear.

For real.

I mean....for realz, yo.

Ok now its over.

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