December 10, 2011

Taking Root Design Website Launched!

Posted by Kristin

Well folks..I'm unabashedly about to do a plug for my own business. But since I co-author this blog, and Laura's an awesome co-author and TRD-supporter (my business name shortened), we both thought we'd throw some PEC love over to my landscape design and consulting practice, Taking Root Design.

Thanks to my brother Jon, I have a pretty sweet logo, if I do say so myself.

I've mentioned TRD a few times, like here and here and here. But since having a website is pretty critical to growing a business these days, I finally decided to get on the ball, jetted over to and set 'er up. I highly recommend Weebly for its user-friendly format and price,which dollah! Then just a quick visit to to snag my domain name and the bones were in place. After alot of writing, photo uploading, editing and nail biting, I called it good to go. I even played around with taking a picture of my very own digits for the front page.


Check out the Taking Root Design site at Feel free to contact me with any design quires at Alright- official advertising now over. Thanks PEC!

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