January 1, 2012

Giveaway: Dean's Beans Coffee

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Posted by Laura

Happy 2012!! We wanted to start this year off with our first giveaway. Who wants free coffee?! Remember last month when I interviewed Dean from Dean's Beans Coffee? Well it only seems appropriate to give away a pound of his delicious and robust coffee. This coffee is organic, fair trade, and kosher.

Timor Atsabe: A unique velvet with chocolate tones.
This bold roast is a single origin coffee from
the Atsabe village in East Timor

  • PRIZE : 1 pound of Dean's Beans whole bean coffee
  • DESCRIPTION: Timore Atsabe Blend. This coffee is certified organic, fair trade, and kosher.
  • TO ENTER : Leave a comment on this post (not our facebook page) telling us about your favorite way to ring in the new year. Do you like to party like it's 1999? Or watch the ball drop from your living room couch. For instructions on how to leave a comment, click here (be sure to leave your name so we know who you are). One entry per person.
  • Prize ships to the 50 states
  • Contest closes January 2nd, 2012 at 9:00pm EST. The winner will be chosen by drawing a name from a hat and announced on 1/3/12 in a blog post. One winner per contest.
  • Remember, your comment must be on the blog, not our facebook page. Good Luck!


  1. On the couch, watching Times Square live from the netbook, with all three cats within petting distance!

  2. In the evening I gathered with friends, both old and new. We danced, captivated by the polyrhythms of afrobeat- ushering in the New Year with a sense of belonging to a creative, vibrant, conscious community. This morning, I woke and took a long contemplative walk, thanking the earth I was still treading her paths.

  3. dance party with good friends, five little rockers (all under three), handmade play silks (care of auntie nicole) and crazy hats. followed by a game of settlers and wine. beautiful night.

  4. We had a great evening with friends. Telling stories and playing games until midnight. Then went outside to watch fireworks set off from the top of Pikes Peak.

  5. Spend it with family watching the fireworks out the window and popping open a bottle of wine!

  6. I sure would not want to be a judge in this contest! How are you going to select a winner? I feel like "cheating" and saying I rang in the New Year reading postings of PEC, and plan on doing so every New Year from now on. :-)

    Joyce Smith

  7. We made a new tradition this year since it's our first NYE as a married couple. We dressed up, indulged in a nice meal over a bottle of wine at a restaurant we wouldn't normally treat ourselves to. This year, we made it home in time to watch a movie and the ball drop.

  8. shelly

    This year I fortunate enough to escape the cement jungle and spend my NYE in the snowy white mountains of NH with friends. Not only was this a blast, but very affordable. The Potluck meals, day and night skiing/snowboarding, blazing our own trails, fireworks and makeshift dance parties was definitely a great way to finish off 2011 and embrace 2012. One of my favorite moments was waking in the morning. While all others slept from the previous nights celebrations I woke and started a fresh pot of jav. I was able to drink in some breathtaking views of the mountains (the house nestled on top on ridge) and of course an awesome cup of jav. I sat, looked, sipped and reflected on the past year and all the possibilities the new year may bring.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Like usual, New years eve is always a busy time for me. To pass the time waiting for the big moment to come, earlier in the day I always carefully wrapped something very noxious with Christmas wrapping and a nice bow. I address it to somebody I despise and then leave it in a parking lot at the mall. If a person that picks it up is dishonest and think it's an errant Christmas present they bring home to keep for themselves,.. Or they do a good deed and bring it to the person that it is addressed to.

    I then try to make a little extra New Year's Eve celebration money by sell by jars of water, telling people that they are Frosty the Snowman urns.

    Later I try to find a club that has a lot of dancing going on. I ask a girl to dance and when she gets up I break out into a snappy Riverdance number and quickly dance across the other side of the dance floor.

    Then right at New Year's I start kissing all the girls at the club, but only their elbows. If any girl objects, I tell them “Hey sweetheart,… the Mayans say that the world is ending next December 23, this might be your last chance!”

    I then quickly run from the club to edge of the old cemetery just down the road, cover myself a light coating of leafs , snow, dirt or whatever in front of a headstone near the sidewalk. When anyone gets close I sit bolt upright and yell “Happy New Year!!”
    From: Dewalt Deguy

  10. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!