January 17, 2012

Pretty Girl

Posted by Laura

Our black lab, Tillie, is the love of my life. She's such a good companion and fits the behavior of a lab to a tee! She loves her ball...she loves being by our side at all times...she loves sticking her head out the window when we drive...she loves chasing cats [and skunks].

One day, my husband and I were on a hike at Mt Tom. She usually runs ahead of us, sniffs out the territory and eventually circles back when called. This particular time, we called her name and she didn't come. We figured she was just exploring, so we kept hiking - knowing we would run into her eventually. Well, we came around the corner and there she was, lying in a huge murky mud puddle chewing on a stick. Happy as a clam. She was literally cooooovered in mud. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera with us but here is a different picture to give you an idea of her love for things like this...

The point of that story was to make you smile a little, and give you some insight into how much she loves dirt. She wears cute little bandanas around her neck, which lives are usually short-lived because of her love for dirt and grimy things (did I also mention that she likes to roll in dead birds?...um yea). Here's a bandada that has definitely lived a good life.

Instead of going out and buying a new one, I decided to make some out of leftover fabric. I found 4 different fabrics that I haven't used in awhile and wanted to give them some love.

I cute a triangle, 18" x 18" x 25", and sewed up the sides. Done and done.

Here they are on the beautiful model...

This one is Caleb's favorite. He likes the contrast.

This one is my favorite. It's sort of girly but sort of not. Like me :)

I think I see a product on etsy in the future :) My goal is to open a shop this winter. So far I have nearly zero inventory on the shelves. Better get sewing some more!

UPDATE 03/25/12: I finally opened a shop! Click here to see it.

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