January 19, 2012

Room Redo: My Parent's Guest room

Posted by Kristin

A while back in this post, I mentioned that my mom was redoing their guestroom. After getting together with her back in March 2011 for an intial brainstorming and shopping session, the room is finally complete! It truly is a transformed space that went from being my old bedroom (no judgement please!) full of random furniture, faded yellow walls that were crying out for fresh paint, dark and dated blue carpet, and a mixture of my high school memorabilia and country decor and linens. Not so hot.

The Before: yellow walls, country decor and yucky blue carpet.

It even had an exercise bike clothes rack for guests. 

And it wouldn't be complete without a photo collage from my highschool years.
So glad its not a close up.

Enter an inspiring page from a Pottery Barn catalogue and we had ourselves a theme. Unfortunately I don't know where that page went but the elements included deep, blue-gray walls, off -white carpeting for a clean surface, touches of brown, tan and black, and in particular, black and white ticking fabric for a clean, crisp look.

After surveying what furniture my parents had (2 dressers that would need a coat of black paint, a big mirror, some accessories) and what furniture they needed (queen size mattress and box spring, night stands, lamps, curtains, and some more accessories) we went shopping.

At Homegoods, we scored a great little footstool and 2 modern lamps that incorporated the blacks and tans that we wanted to use. Over at Target, we found a simple hotel-style duvet on sale, as well as 2 new pillows and a down comforter. Finally, at JC Penny we saw these Martha Stewart sheets on sale that were essentially the same look as ticking fabric but in a smoother, softer cotton material. What purpose you may ask would sheets serve? Three actually. The primary thought was the use the flat sheets to make curtains and the fitted sheet to cover a diy headboard (learn how to do that here). It turned out my mom was extra-crafty and used the pillow cases to make simple pillows for the bed. Two sets of twin sheets got the job done.

A few months later my mom visited Bob's Discount Furniture and found a mattress and boxspring for a reasonable price, as well as two side-tables to serve as night stands. Along the way she picked up two simple throw rugs to add some interest to each side of the bed.  As many of us can identify with, my mom was also trying to stick within a budget so she was able to find various accessories throughout her house to use in the room, including black and white dishes, a pitcher filled with dried Echinacea pods, a wrought iron clock, a vintage chair, and a colorful plant.

The finished product! New carpeting and blue-gray walls create a whole new feeling.

The freshly painted black dresser.

And its partner in crime storage.

These sweet little glass knobs add some serious charm.

New side tables, lamps, and accent rugs add some finishing touches to the room.

Curtains made from sheets!

A DIY headboard made from sheets! And some other materials...

And pillows made from left over pillow cases! My mom just added a button and now there as cute as ....a button.

To be totally transparent, the most difficult part of the room redo was painting the furniture. While the dressers turned out great, it took multiple layers of spray paint, with meticulous sanding in between (shout out to my dad for coming to the rescue multiple times), to get them room ready. Lesson learned: prep work is key so don't skimp on cleaning, sanding, and applying thin, even coats of paint for a flawless finish.

All that was needed was some actual guests to sleep in there and they came by the droves in October. The room was ready just days before my family from Florida came to visit and it was thoroughly used and enjoyed. Now its a guarantee that whoever the first person is to my parents house (usually either my brother, sister, or I) better make bee line to throw there bags on the guest bed so they can have dibs on the room. No fighting has ensued as off yet but I wouldn't put it out of the relm of possibilities. Us Gelderts (my maiden name) like our sleep!

Don't you just wanna jump in and take a nap?

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