January 9, 2012

Seth's Design Dilemma

Posted by Laura

I'm just on a roll here with posts about my brother-in-law, Seth! He just moved into a new apartment and hit a bit of a dilemma with his living room. As you can see, from the pictures below, his windows are off-centered on the wall. Uhg! His couch has to be where it is because the door has to have room to open. What to do?

We decided to center his curtains on the wall instead of forming them around the window like one would normally do. The thought behind this was to draw the eye to the curtains, instead of the windows.

Looking for a stud (har har har)

It worked! You can't even tell that the windows are small and off-centered. Let's look at the before again to see the difference...

Enjoy your new space, Seth!

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