January 11, 2012

Shout out to Food, Faith and Fun

Posted by Kristin

I've got some exciting blogosphere news to report. My hubby Mike, whom I mention every so often, has launched a new and exciting blog covering at least one topic that PEC fans will enjoy: food. Food, Faith, and Fun is all about just that: fun recipes to try, faith issues to ponder, and posts of what equals fun to my husband, such as sports rants, reviews of the latest tv shows, new beer bars he's visited, and lots more.

The author of Food, Faith and Fun: my hubby, in his Halloween costume from  2010- Chuck!

Here's a little intro from the man himself, in which he even did a PEC shout out. Can't ya feel the blog love flying all around here?

It Starts!

It's official, I am starting my blog. A few weeks ago I decided that I need new ways to deal
 with my all the thoughts that are running through my head. I also was looking for a new 
way to be creative and a thought went through my head while I was getting ready to make
 dinner. Dinner that night was classic BLT's. To cook the bacon I went to my lovely wife's 
blog that she does with one of her closest friends to figure out what temperature to set the 
oven. Making bacon in the oven is fantastic, you should try it. Here is the link:  http://www.planteatcreate.com/2011/08/bake-that-bacon.html (The temperature is 300 by
 the way) Anyway I started to think "Hey, this is a great idea, I can start my own blog and
 get all my creative juices out". So this blog will be the culmination of those ideas: Food,
 Faith & Fun!
Come back soon as I will start adding posts really soon...like tomorrow

The first recipe he posted was Chicken Alfredo, which I must say turned out great! He even got some cool action shots while cooking, complete with some funny captions.

Wow! I'm so tall to take a picture so high...or is it a stove for short people?

Look, it's my hand

Check out more from Food, Faith and Fun here.

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