January 31, 2012

This Week's Eats

Posted by Kristin

They (which is who exactly?) say that failing to plan is planning to fail and I must say, the OCD dork in me kind of agrees. While I like a good old dash of spontaneity in my life, I also know that I can't handle spontaneity at 5 p.m. when all I want to do is go home and eat. Hence, having a plan.

Way back here I talked about how Mike and I make a meal plan for each week to eliminate multiple trips to the store and to ensure that we eat more than pasta each night. Let's just say that my creativity goes down hill after working all day, so a meal plan keeps the spice in my life, literally. So I've decided to take it one step further and post our meal plans each week. Some will be new recipes that we have yet to try and some are old standbys. If the recipes are available online, I'll link to them. If not, I'll share the recipe for anyone who asks for it. I"ll also make notes of when I'm turning left overs into a totally different meal or referencing other tips and tricks that Laura and I have shared already (like here and here and here). So without further ado, here's what the Thomases are eating this week:

Sunday: Chili-Mango Chicken with brown rice and sugar snap peas
A new one to try. I love spicy (chilies) and sweet (mango) together.

healthy stir-fry
Chili-Mango Chicken from Men's Health

Monday: 15- Minute Skillet Tamale Pie with a side of broccoli
A tried and tested recipe, perfect for any comfort-food craving.

15 Minute Skillet Tamale Pie
Rachel Ray's Tamale Pie

Tuesday: Black bean patties corn relish and avocado cream sauce
A new one that meets our 1-vegetarian-meal-a-week goal.

This delicious looking concoction is from one of our favorite recipe blogs, Annie's Eats.

Wednesday: Pot Roast
This recipe is the Pioneer Woman's version of Pot Roast, which I'll probably try. My favorite so far is this awesome Pot Roast recipe from Sarah Foster. Maybe I'll combine aspects of the two- totally a rule breaker, I know.

pot roast 081
The Pioneer Woman has this thing of filling her recipes with tantalizing pictures
 to lure you into trying it. It worked on me.

Thursday: Left Overs
We'll most likely have a left overs from the Monday and Wednesday meals, so we'll put them to work. Gotta love convenience.

Friday: Fish Packets with potatoes
Check out this Thomas special at my hubby's blog, Food, Faith and Fun (first introduced here).

Fish baked in foil, a wonderful thing.

Saturday: ??? Not sure what were doing yet...I can handle spontaneity on a weekend!

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