February 26, 2012

The Hartford Denim Company

By Kristin

Its very rare these days that we purchase things, particularly clothes, that are made in the U.S., let alone within fifty miles of where we call home. While I don’t own a pair of jeans made by these guys, the Hartford Denim Company is definitely worth a visit- in person or on the web. I first read about them in this article and then heard even more good things from a friend that owns a pair of their jeans.

Their New Englander Jeans. via

Started by three young entrepreneurs who value items being made on American soil, they set up shop in an old manufacturing warehouse in downtown Hartford. The last major action this warehouse saw was manufacturing pay phones before it transitioned into an office space with wall to wall carpeting. When the Denim boys moved in, they tore up the carpeting, knocked down the walls and left the space in its rough, exposed state.

Working hard by hand. via

Each material that they work with tells a story, from the high-quality denim made in North Carolina to the buttons made out of old pennies. 

Pennies as buttons. via

They sew their jeans on old industrial Singer machines and use well worn hand tools to install the rivets and buttons. 

Singers last forever apparently. I guess the old adage is true:
things just aren't made the way they used to be. via



Along with everything being sourced within the U.S., they also offer a life time guarantee for their jeans. If your jeans do encounter some major wear and tear, just stop by to have them repaired for free. One of my favorite touches is the leather patch in the shape of Connecticut sewn onto the back of each pair of jeans.

You'll never forget where they were made. via

I especially love their super cute and functional denim bags. 


This one really strikes my fancy. via.

Check them out if your ever in the Hartford area.

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