March 15, 2012

Bedroom Reveal with a Clock Redo Thrown In

Posted By Kristin

I realized not too long ago that it's been over 6 months since we moved into our new apartment and I haven't really shared too much of what our digs look like now. So hang onto your hats because we've got a bedroom reveal paired with clock redo. And yes, there's logic behind the odd pairing of these two!

When we first moved in at the end of summer, we had just thrown our bed together so we'd have a place to sleep. Here's the very simple before:

We were just looking for a place to sleep at this glam here!

And the cozy and airy after:

A soothing palette of cream, white, blue and green is grounded with accents of brown.

And before I go much further with the bedroom reveal its time (hardy har har) to get to this clock reveal. It all started with my grandmother's old, hideous gold wall clock. Check it out in all its dusty, nicotine-covered glory.

That aged look is really just years of cigarette smoke caked on- yum!

However...underneath all the gunk were some
 pretty cool lines and a still functioning clock. 

While I knew this guy needed some serious help (and cleaning) I also knew it had some serious potential. I figured a few coats of glossy white spray paint (my favorite quick fix) would bring some new life to this dud and that if nothing else, it'd be worth a shot since it was just sitting around in our attic. First up was giving it a good scrub in the sink. I tried removing the hands of the clock but they wouldn't seem to come off completely. So I carefully poured soapy water over it and scrubbed every part of the clock except the very center. For that part I gently cleaned it with a damp paper towel.

Scrub a dub dub...

It took 3 light coats of white spray paint to get good, solid coverage over the entire clock, including the hands of the clock. I was unsure if the spray paint would gunk up the clock mechanism but I just made sure to move quickly over that area of the clock. Fortunately the paint jived fine with the clock hands. I first tried the clock out in the kitchen but immediately realized that the ornate pattern, despite now being white, was too busy for the kitchen. Out of curiosity, I hung it above my bed and instantly knew it had found its home.

From gaudy to great!

While the white blends in with overall color scheme,
the pattern of the clock adds some texture to the room.
And now for some shots of the rest of the (very small) room:

A south facing window lets in all day sun.

With all our of furniture being dark-stained wood, I tried to carry white
accents throughout the room, like this milk glass vase turned plant pot.

While they're solid wood, our nighstands need a serious makeover.
That'll happen down the road so for now I simply placed monogrammed
 "T" napkins on top of each one to add some white to the very dark surface.

And some of my favorite details:

Have any of you ever taking something from ugly to unbelieveable with spray paint? 

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