March 27, 2012

Before and After: Dining Room Reveal

Posted by Kristin

Like I mentioned here, I've been slacking a bit on showing you the updates we've made to our current apartment. Well, I've since jumped on the sharing band wagon and today brings us to the dining room. When we first moved in, it was mostly a place for us to stash stuff while we continued to unpack.

Not too much dining going on here...

Then this fall, I shared a fun, teal paint job that my dining room hutch received. This was really a jumping off point for the rest of the room.

Remember this?

Shortly thereafter, I finally got around to setting up the rest of the room. Now the room is a fully functional dining (or blog writing) space. The color scheme is red and teal with hints of black and natural wood. Aside from the table and hutch, other additions to the room were an impromptu bar area (we actually don't drink much hard alcohol but some how have a ton!) and a display area for all our pint glasses, favorite beer bottles, and other stuff we've collected over the years. I figured Mike would really appreciate this last area since all of our beer paraphernalia was in boxes or not displayed well for the last few years. So pull up a seat...

Looking in from the living room hallway.

Simple red and white paisley curtains and
 an apple tree print carry out the color scheme.

The view from the kitchen.

I bought the table and chairs at the Brimfield Antiques Show right before we got married.

A simple burlap runner with a striped square of fabric
 (actually a napkin) is topped with nature's free decor: pinecones.

A pillow made out of the same dishtowel on the table adds a little
cushion for our guests' bums. Ya know, gotta look out for all of you.

Bar Area: we're not big drinkers, I swear!

An old cabinet door turned chalkboard. I just tried out
the chalk and it worked.  Plus,  Ben's words are so true!

The teal hutch sitting next to a nice IPA my husband is brewing (on the right).

Between re-purposing what I already had, buying a few cans of white spray paint, and getting creative with displaying meaningful objects, the whole room came together for under $10. Now I'd say, for a dining room, that's a palette-pleasing price. (oh the alliteration, I know...)

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  1. I just love that cabinet door idea!!! ~Kerri