March 31, 2012

Exciting Engagements

Posted by Kristin

Well folks, some exciting news to share in the world of PEC. My sister, Catie, recently got engaged to the sweetest and most bad-ass guy ever! The bad-ass-ness comes from the fact that Kevin does rally racing and teaches some pretty awesome, high speed driving courses. He's the dude you see in a Porsche commercial driving all crazy...but you don't really see him because the windows are always tinted. Why is that? But seriously. He really is that due. Literally. And now he's about to be my brother-in-law. Can I get a hollah?!

The happy couple at Laura's New Years Eve party.
Watch these two, and a bunch of our crazy friends, in this video. 

Yea...I get to hang out with this guy...

Anyways, Catie and Kevin go together like barley and hops (for those non beer drinkers those are two of the main ingredients that make up that miracle beverage), like Vermont and maple syrup, like a really sweet guy with a really sweet girl.  So what does all this mean in the world of PEC? Wedding Planning!!!!

They've just begun to think about where they'd like to have the wedding and what style they'd like to go for. My sister described her ideal day as "rustic-upscale-farm-BBQ". So, we'll have to see what we can do with that. Catie recently sent me a link to this great website, Style Me Pretty, and included a link to a beautiful and classy farm wedding.  The amazing photos come from Kelly Dillon Photography and the wedding took place at Sunbrite Dairy Farm in Bernardston, MA. Head over here to see the full details.

Another wedding I love, along with all his tunes, is singer Mat Kearney's wedding to his beautiful bride in a country Nashville setting.  I could eat this wedding and all its country-chic-ness up with a ol' spoon.

Tec Petaja

Southern Wedding Food

Franklin Farm Wedding

See more details of their wedding here.  Yay for weddings!


  1. Jenni ArchambaultMarch 31, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    so exciting! love the ideas!!!!

  2. Ah, I love weddings, so lovely! Love your blog, by the way, I've got your feed through my Google Reader! And I love that your sister wants a rustic upscale BBQ wedding. We did that and it turned out beautifully. Here are some photos of our wedding for some ideas. We kept it simple so there's not too much to show, but sometimes simple is better, right?

    Also, I make handmade stationery like invites, cards, decor, etc. Check out my blog page regarding my wedding stationery with samples of my rustic wedding invitations. I'm very crafty, and can do a lot so keep an open mind:

    And here's the link to my Etsy shop to see a little more of my style:

    I hope you'll take a look and send the links to your sister. I hope to hear from you if we'll make a good fit!