March 7, 2012

Red Letter Words

Posted by Kristin

Due to my slight obsession with checking a handful of blogs daily, I often find links to some pretty interesting sites: some of them blogs, some of them design sites, and some of them a mix of both. Such was the case recently when I stumbled  upon Red Letter Words and their drool-inducing art.

Any Pinterest fans out there will be familiar with similar types of word art that have been all over the world wide web (does anyone use that phrase any more?). I have a particular fondness for Red Letter Words, mainly because its encouraging, thought provoking, kinda gritty and rough textually, and the artist behind it has a pretty cool story of how it came to be.

In the designer, Dee Kasberger's own words, here's how it all began:

"As a Christian woman, my hope is that my art connects people to the unchanging truth of God’s word and reminds them just how much God loves them. Red Letter Words takes its name from the words spoken by Jesus in the New Testament, which appear printed in red in some editions.

I was decorating my home and wanted wall art with an “erased chalkboard” look, but it was hard to find. I wanted something modern and casual but with a vintage touch and something that could complement my family photos and help to tell our story. So I decided to make my own art and started giving it away to friends and family for baby showers and birthdays, and as Christmas and wedding presents. I was positively overwhelmed by the response. People were emotionally moved and they asked me to create even more." via

The designer with her family and some Red Letter Art. via

I first discovered Red Letter Words via The Nester's blog. I loved her wall art that listed all the streets she and her family had lived on. Very graphic and fun but also personal.

The Nester's custom ordered Red Letter Words art. via

Here's how much the Nester loves her Red Letter art: 

"If my house caught fire and all of my family and our dog was safe, the first trip out of the house with a handful of my favorite things would include my custom Red Letter Words print with all of our street names on it. It's filled with so much meaning that I actually cried when I opened it, even though I knew exactly what it was." via

Some more designs from Red Letter Words:




What's great about Red Letter Words is that you can make the art as personal as you want. Think about what is meaningful to you or your family and make a custom piece based on that: children's birthdays, anniversaries, cities or towns, favorite words, many options. Learn more about Red Letter Words here.

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