March 9, 2012

Spotlight: 4(for) Green Acres Project

Posted by Laura

Do you ever feel like you need a swift kick in the butt to intentionally and proactively love Mother Earth? I feel that sometimes. I mean yes I recycle and support local farms and use handmade cleaners and yadda yadda yadda, but often times I don't go out of my normal routine and challenge myself to be more proactive. Abby from Indigo 26 has done just that. She has set up a project to challenge people to change the way they think about their effects on the environment. This is called the 4(for) Green Acres Project.

Each month, she sets up a challenge that pushes folks to pay attention to the impact they are having on the Earth. Here is an excerpt from her blog:
Want to join the movement by cultivating your own 4(for) acres, but not sure how? Introducing the new monthly challenges. Each month I will post a challenge that is designed to stretch your creativity, test your will power, and pull your awareness to the footstep you are leaving behind. By participating in these challenges and sharing them with others you are spreading the message. Over time, those around us will be making better choices as well. The goal is not to change how you live your life, but rather think about the implications of those choices and tweek them for the best outcome. 
You can see her 2012 monthly challenges here: JanuaryFebruary and March.
So do you want to join the movement? I do! Grab a badge, like her facebook page, and let us know how you do.
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  1. Thanks for spreading the word! Such a lovely post.