April 2, 2012

Bath Time

Posted by Laura

Quick announcement: The lucky winner whose name was drawn from a hat for our 1 hour Landscape Design Consultation Giveaway is Cheryl!!! Congratulations Cheryl and thank you for your comment about what you're looking forward to doing most this spring:

"Ladies you made my morning! I am so looking forward to cleaning up a massive mess of forsythia this spring. I have a huge bed of it that doesn't bloom very well and is pale yellow. I'd love to tear it all out and maybe plant a little bit of a brighter variety and some other things in this area. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some advice from you!"

Cheryl- Remember to email Kristin within one week of this announcement to confirm your interest in and availability for the consultation, or we'll move onto the next name. Please email Kristin at planteatcreate@gmail.com.

Did you know that your house plants filter the air? That is part of the reason for the dust that collects on the leaves. Here is a dust cleaning trick that I learned from my former boss - the old and wise Dr. Kowalski (ha! he's going to shake his head and say "me, old!" when he reads this). He's the smarty-pants-scientist-type (kinda like our friend Jim with the washing soda explanation).

This concept is quite simple and makes life easy. All you do is gather your plants and place them under the shower for about 10 seconds to wash off all the dust, allowing the plants to breath better.

Yep, I've got a super dusty house. Hardwood floors
and a black lab are contributors. 

Place in the shower and run water (cold/warm water) for about
10 seconds. If you have a shower head with different settings, make
sure you have it on a gentle setting.

Happy plant.

Next up, spring cleaning checklist, room by room.


  1. Dear home wreakers,
    My wife is an avid reader of your blog. I always thought it was a great way of inspiring her to make our home beautiful. That is, until one morning I woke up and walked in on her in the shower with a plant.
    Now you have to understand I love my wife. I have put so much effort into crafting our marriage. I am faithful. I try to romance her to keep our marriage fresh. So you can imagine my surprise that my wife decided to abandon her oath to be true to me by choosing of all things a plant. You can imagine my even greater surprise when she said, “It’s not what it looks like, I saw it on Plant, Eat, Create!”
    I, of course, did not believe her at first because Plant Eat Create is a blog the highest quality. It inspires people to care for their home. It is responsible in it’s suggestions to reuse and recycle. I thought this blog cared about people. After I packed my things and moved out of our broken home I was shocked to find this article on the blog suggesting the very thing that has come between my wife and I.
    I sit now in a Starbucks sobbing over latte wondering where your blog went wrong. I only ask that you think before you post. Everyone wants clean plants, but no one wants to see them steal their wife’s affections and enter into a passionate embrace in the shower. Remember, families matter.

    - Your Broken hearted reader

    1. Dear Broken Hearted Reader,
      We're sorry to hear this. It might be worth your while to write a list of what the houseplants have that you don't. Shiny green lives? Or perhaps their ability to say so much, without saying anything at all. Have you considered writing your wife a love letter? She may be more receptive to it if you use words like "oxygenate" and "photosynthesis" and "peace lilly". Here is an example:

      Dear wife, We go together like plants and photosynthesis. All I want is our home to be like a peace lilly - the ability to be fully restored with a little oxygenated water. Please let me come home. Sincerely, your green-with-envy husband. PS I beg you to keep reading Plant Eat Create.

      We also suggest hiring a landscape designer/counselor to help solve these problems? If so, we know one. Her name is Kristin Thomas and she is wonderful problem solver.

      Home Wrecker Laura