April 20, 2012

Free Stuff is Great- Especially When You Can Sleep In It

Posted by Kristin

I love free stuff. And even though I have high standards for what I'll take for free (no one needs any more junk after all) every once in a while I come across something really good. When I can get free stuff from family or friends, and have the peace of mind that it was well cared for, that's even better. So what did I get for free that I can sleep in? Let's back up a few steps first.

You may recall my bedroom reveal here.  Our current full size bed and headboard was alright but nothing to get overly excited about. I loved the headboard because I made it the summer before we got married but I've always wanted a nice, cushion-y pillow-top mattress, which this one was not. Some more room to avoid waking up to an elbow in the face would also be nice.

Our bedroom digs up until this afternoon...

You may also recall that my sister Catie recently got engaged to a great guy named Kevin. Yay for engagements and yay for brother in laws who own homes and have comfortable beds that can accommodate a future wife.

Now that brings us to today. Since my sis was moving into Kevin's house and she didn't need her bed anymore she offered to trade and use our bed in their guest room and let us use her bed. It took 0.2 seconds for me to say YES YES YES! Mainly because I've slept in my sister's bed enough to know that its uber comfortable and definitely has a nice amount of pillow-top-ness to it.

Soon enough we realized that it made sense to just switch our headboards as well, since mine was built for a full size mattress and her's was built for a queen (mattress that is). So after borrowing a friend's truck, we switched it all out and now have this lovely bed to woo us to sleep each night.

Yay for queen size mattresses and new headboards.

Now I just need some white painted night stands. Some day.

The headboard was actually made out of an old door turned sideways and trimmed down.

This was the bottom of the old door.

How about you guys? Have you gotten anything free lately that you'd call a bargain with a capital B?

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