April 10, 2012

Lance and Holly's Basement

Posted by Laura

During our trip to Colorado, Kristin and I had the opportunity to do some work on my brother and sister-in-law's recently finished basement (thankfully my family-full-of-quirkiness didn't scare Kristin off too much and she was just as excited as I to take on this project). With the help of one of my best friends from home, Marli, we tackled this bad boy.

Laura. Marli. Kristin.

This basement was a typical basement before my brother finished it. He put down new flooring, new walls, a new ceiling, new lighting, and many other things that I know I'm missing. Our job was the most fun because we got to add the finishing touches. With all of the furniture already available to us, we asked Holly to purchase just a few things to add some detail and polish things off.

The vision for this room was to have it serve three purposes: craft room, tv room, workout room. Here's a basic layout drawn freehand, not to scale:

Here are the basic before and afters. Details below.

looking toward the craft section

looking toward the workout section


Here are some different angles

The craft area

One of the best things about this project was customizing the bookshelves.

Holly picked out the fabric to go along with the lime and blue color scheme. After trial and error, we figured out how to add the backing. We found large pieces of cardboard that we cut to the exact size of the back of the bookshelves. We wrapped them like presents and secured the fabric with a few staples. After removing the shelves, we inserted the pieces into the back of the bookshelf and replaced the shelves.

We were also able to use some of the leftover fabric to make some custom pillows to pull the room together.

Handmade pillows to tie the color scheme together

Basking in the finished product :)

We're so glad we were able to partake in this project. PEC Yea!


  1. Jenni ArchambaultApril 12, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    love this you guys did such a good job! Lots of good ideas!

  2. Ok, next time you come out, you get to stay here- at my house. I want a PEC project! ;) Kim Balzer