April 12, 2012

Lessons from the Landscape:Urban Agriculture is Taking Root

Posted by Kristin

Oh puns, they kill me. If you're scratching your head right now just reread the post title until you get it. Still not there? Well, check out this killer documentary on urban ag and how simple it really can be. I stumbled upon it the other day while scanning some urban farming websites I follow. The video, from this site, delves into new adventures in urban ag in the city of Kelowna, BC. I loved how it told the story of how different people were making simple changes in the way they feed themselves and their families. Like turning your lawn into a corn field and then having a corn roast with your neighbors. Once those neighbors taste the buttery sweet goodness of fresh corn, they won't miss that green carpet at all. And yes, I did want to add "eh" after every sentence. Canadians may talk weird different but they sure know how to grow food.

So what does this mean for someone like me who works multiple jobs, rents an apartment, doesn't own any property, and can't quite go into farming full time? It makes me think. Think about what I'll try to grow this summer. In window boxes and planters and small pots here and there.It makes me think about the need to find a good farmers market to go to since we're not doing a farm share this year (sad, I know). It makes me think about pairing up with a friend who has room for a large garden but needs some design help and some extra hands. And in my book, trading my design experience and two working hands (attached to fairly functional arms) for some fresh veggies and herbs sounds great to me.

The bottom line is, taking a step, any step, towards growing anything is a good step to take. Try out some herbs in a pot. Stick a tomato in plastic five-gallon bucket and watch it grow (after poking holes in the bottom of the bucket of course). Fill a window box with some lettuce seeds. Once you've tasted fresh lettuce that you picked, you'll never want to go back!

So...what are you going to do? I say we all grow something this year- just be ready to get addicted!

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  1. All of this is so true. I hope you get to start your veggie garden after all.