April 16, 2012

Pop! How to DIY a Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Posted by Kristin

I love popcorn. Sweet, salty, spicy...you put it in front of me and I'll eat it. Pair that with the fact that our hot-air popcorn popper recently went kaput and it resulted in this face:


Well, maybe I wasn't quite that dramatic (and I was wearing clothes mind you) but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone right?

But before I could pout for too long, Mike discovered this DIY air popper in a recent issue of Food Network Magazine. Even better- it actually worked and only requires 1 ingredient besides the popcorn. 

Step 1: Grab a clean brown paper bag, measuring cups and fresh popcorn kernels (old kernels don't pop well).

Step 2: Place a 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels in the bag.

Step 3: Fold the end of the bag over a few times to a make a tight seal. You can also tie it closed with string. Just don't use a clip with any metal on it or you'll have a lightning show in your microwave.

Step 4: Microwave the popcorn for 3-4 minutes until you hear the popping stop, or the kernels are only popping 1-2 seconds apart. It all depends on how power-licious your microwave is.

Step 5: Remove bag using an oven mit and tear it open to see the oil-free popcorn in all its glory.


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