April 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning, Room by Room in an Apartment

Posted by Laura

Spring. The time of year to throw the windows open, de-stuffify and purge. Since I have a black lab I feel that I clean things more often than I would if I didn't (for example, the white bathmat in our bathroom and the full size fitted sheet that covers my futon both get thrown in the wash every week whereas if I didn't have my little shedding machine I would probably wash those things every couple months); however I still get giddy at the feeling of a bright and airy home after a good solid spring cleaning.

My apartment consists of one living room, one kitchen, two bedrooms (which I use one as an office), one bathroom, one closed porch, and one open porch. It's not a very big apartment but I still feel the need to itemize the tasks in order to keep myself more organized so I don't end up starting too many things that I can't finish (otherwise I'll end up on the show hoarders!).

via A&E Hoarders

Here is my comprehensive room-by-room list of the deep-cleaning-types-of-things that I only do when I fear my home is going to look like the picture above. If you're interested in making your own list, you can copy the list below and paste it into a word document, then modify it as needed.

Spring Cleaning 2012

Living Room
☐ spot clean couches
☐ dust tv and other electronics
☐ organize dvds

☐ skip the dishwasher for a couple week and wash all dishes by hand to scrub off built up soap scum from the dishwasher
☐ clean fridge and check expiration dates on condiments
☐ update freezer inventory
clean pantry and check expiration dates on food
☐ clean the stove top

☐ dust!
☐ organize filing cabinet
☐ sterilize computer keyboard and mouse with alcohol

☐ replace shower liner
☐ wipe down walls
☐ take items out of medicine cabinet, wipe down shelves, replace items

☐ vacuum under bed
☐ go through clothes and donate unused to Goodwill or sell to consignment
☐ clean mirrors

☐ hose off exterior wall near dryer vent
☐ wipe down clothesline with a wet rag
☐ sweep

Whole Apartment
☐ wash windows
☐ vacuum
☐ mop
give plants a shower
☐ vacuum cobwebs off ceiling (yeek!)
☐ pat myself on the back and enjoy my clean and organized home :)

Have a great day and happy cleaning!

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  1. I didn't know that "scum" builds up on dishes from the dishwasher... ewwww.
    I never thought about washing down my clothes line
    Both ideas are excellent and I will begin doing them.
    Thanks Laura Machak