May 14, 2012

A Baby and A Baby Shower

Posted by Kristin

As many of you already know, our friend Jennifer was recently pregnant. I say recently because as of May 3rd the Holloway's little bean made an entrance into the world, a full four days early. Silas Finn Holloway made his momma work hard but by the grace of God and a lot of preparation and hard work she was able to do it sans drugs or medical interventions! Way to go Jennifer!

Silas Finn Holloway, snuggled up for his first car trip home. So beautiful!!!

So a midst our excitement of welcoming Silas into the world, we also wanted to share the details of Jennifer's shower, an event Laura and I hosted with two other fabulous ladies at the end of March. Jennifer's only input was that she liked the colors brown, green, white and cream (the colors in the nursery) and no pink! Just knowing her style (which you can get a flavor of from her office redo), she's into natural materials, simple patterns and lines, and nothing too fancy or girly. And as it happened, Laura and I had tons of items (fabric, glass wear, and craft supplies) that fit the bill. So instead of doing alot of shopping at Michael's or a party store, we first went shopping in our homes and found most of what was needed.

Shower Hostesses L-R: Laura, me, Momma-to-be, Jenna and Christie.


The shower was hosted by Christie (who also whipped up some yummy food) and the food and activity tables were set up in the dining room, the first room the guests saw.

The activity table was decorated with green, white and
burlap fabric. Tissue paper pompoms added some fun.

Alot going on here: encouragement envelopes and a thumbprint tree for guests to stamp and sign.

Encouragement envelopes: guests can write words of encouragement or a
scripture verse on a square of craft paper for the new mom to read at a certain time.

Jennifer ordered this print off Etsy and guests could do a thumbprint stamp and
sign their name. Its now framed and hanging in the nursery.

Guests could also sign a traditional guest book.

Peat pots of pansies wrapped in burlap were the favors.
They also served as decoration before guests took them home.

Holy Food!!! This lovely smorgasbord of relatively healthy brunch food
was prepared by Christie and Jenna. Yum!

A tasty, healthy option: yogurt parfait layered with granola and craisins.
Or you could just grab one of the cupcakes. Also a good option.

One word- delish! One more word- beautiful!

OMG! Our friend Lauren is quite the baker and whipped this beauty up.

More cupcakes, both gluten free and those full of gluten.

Gift and Gathering Area:

Once we settled down to do gifts and games (baby catchphrase- aww yea!), we moved into the living room. We created a special spot for Jennifer by layering a cushy green throw over one of Christie's chairs. I also brought a few throw pillows from home to finish it off. More tissue paper pompoms (diy-ed from this tutorial) and a handmade baby sign add some more interest and fun. Pansy favors and tea lights in glass jars covered the large windowsill in the background.

Christie's three girls did a fantastic job making this sign. The sign
and some of the pompoms now hang above Silas's crib.

Gifts galore!

How can you not like pansies? They're just happy flowers.

Easy peasy sign- brown twine, white card stock, stencils,
 and brown and green craft paint created this  fun sign.

Fun Times:

There were about forty women total that attended the shower and everything went off with out a hitch.

Lots of oohing and aahing while gift opening ensued.

We stacked people in there like sardines.

Jennifer got lots of pre-folds for cloth diapers. Gotta keep that bum clean.

A beautiful quilt to keep Baby Silas warm.

Jenna and I pulling it all together before guests arrive.

The shower food was kid tested....and approved.

Jennifer- can we just clone your pregnancy genes? She looked so good her entire pregnancy!

The end....almost.

And since Laura took this shot, I'm guessing she was testing out the car seat while
driving Jennifer home. If it can safely transport a pansy, it should be good to go for a human.


  1. What a wonderful shower! You all did such a great job. Claudia

  2. Love the re-cap! Loved being there even more! I was so impressed ~ absolutely every detail was beautiful.