May 30, 2012

Cues for a Clean Closet

Posted by Kristin

Laura's recent spring cleaning post inspired me to take a look around my own home, mainly for things to get rid of. The first area I tackled was my closet. Its a tiny space that it chock full of tight storage. Double-decker hanging bars on both sides paired with two levels of shelves, a hat and belt rack, and hanging shoe rack offer alot of storage in a very small space. But even with all that storage, it felt like things were closing in on me every time I opened the door. Therefore, some serious de-cluttering ensued.

Lots of tight storage. Everything has a place and must be in its place or chaos ensues.

Double-decker storage is a must in this tight space.

Work pants and that I never really wear.

A basket holding a ton of scarves.....scarves I never really wear.

More bags and boxes of items I never really wear. Are you noticing a pattern here?

It took me about ten minutes to end up with this big pile of stuff I never really wear.

And lots of extra hangers, also taking up valuable space.

I ended up with a decent pile of clothes, shoes, hats and scarves ready to be donated.

One little trick I picked up from Real Simple magazine: if you're not sure if you
 wear certain clothes often enough to keep them, turn the hangers
with the right side facing towards the back. If they're still in that position in
six months you probably don't need the clothes.

Its been about six weeks since I got rid of all those clothes and I gotta say, I don't miss them one bit. I also don't miss the chaos that once existed in my now slightly roomier closet!

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