May 2, 2012

A Grommet For Everything

Posted by Kristin

What the h-e-double hockey sticks (Full House anyone?) is a grommet? I was asking the same thing recently when I was browsing through the most recent issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I soon discovered the wonderful world that exists at Daily Grommet, a website dedicated to new products (aka grommets) that make life easier and more fun. It could be anything from green products for your home to kids' games and crafts to health and well being products- this site has got it all. What's even better is that they give you the story behind each product and some of them are pretty interesting.

They have different offers for each day and a range of items from just a few dollars up to a few week's worth of salaries! A few things I'm itching to get include:

Charlie's Laundry Soap: This all natural laundry soap goes quite the distance. Just 1 tablespoon does a large load of wash and you can supposedly get 80 loads out of one small container.


To-Go Lids for Mason Jars: I love me some mason jars, especially for drinking. However, drinking from an open mason while driving is just begging for a stained shirt so I really should grab a few of these guys. Check out this neat video that shows the product and the story behind how it came to be.

State and Country-Shaped Cutting Boards: Who wouldn't want to eat a nice slice of Vermont cheddar cheese off of the state itself? Or maybe a crisp Pioneer Valley-grown apple off the Bay State?

Check out all these great finds and more at Daily Grommet. Happy shopping!

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